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Community Scholarship Information

IMPORTANT: Before applying for one of these scholarships, read these directions first.

These scholarships are for Fenton students only. It is guaranteed that at least one Fenton student will receive each of the scholarships listed on this page. 

You must first fill out the Fenton Scholarship Application. Every organization will receive a copy of the Fenton Scholarship Application. Some scholarship applications will also have a supplement. The supplement will provide you with information about the scholarship and, in some cases, will require that you give additional information, provide letters of recommendation, and/or answer essay questions. Once you have completed the Fenton Scholarship Application, you can log back in with the same e-mail address and you will have access to each application for the supplements. Make sure it is the same e-mail address!

The applications are Google forms into which you can directly type and submit your responses. If you need assistance with the forms, please see Ms. McDougal or your counselor.

You must submit all scholarship applications via Google by 12 midnight on Thursday, April 6. Read the directions on each individual application carefully, as they all are different from one another. Missing materials or information may result in the disqualification of your application.

Some applications require letters of recommendation.  You can either submit hard copies of your letter(s) to Ms. McDougal by the deadline, or you or your recommender can e-mail them to her at  If you have letters of recommendation that are already in Cialfo, please e-mail Ms McDougal to let her know which staff member's letter you'd like to use.

Some applications require essays.  Remember that these are formal essays, similar to what you would submit for a class or a college application, so we recommend that you write and edit them in another program first and then cut and paste into the box.

To get started, please click here to start the Fenton Scholarship Application

Scholarship Name: The Akbar and Salma Navsariwala Scholarship
Amount: $1000; 1 available

Criteria: Must be immigrant or the child of an immigrant; minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA; must plan to attend a two- or four-year college or vocational/trade school; essay; 2 letters of recommendation.


Scholarship Name: Bensenville Chamber of Commerce

Amount: $500; 2 to 3 available

Criteria: Minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA; must be accepted by an accredited school of advanced learning; must have participated in extracurricular activities; must have completed all community service hours; must have taken courses through the Business Education Department at Fenton; essay.

Scholarship Name: Bensenville/Wood Dale Rotary Club, Bensenville Youth Coalition and Dr Alf Logan Scholarship
Amount: $500; several available

Criteria: Must be in top 25% of class; community service; essay; letters of recommendation.  

Scholarship Name: Fenton Education Association Scholarship
Amount: $500; 2 available

Criteria: Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA; must plan to pursue a college major in education; essay.

Scholarship Name: Fred Lewis Scholarship
Amount: $750

Criteria: Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA; must have participated in band at Fenton for a minimum of two years; must plan to attend an institution of higher education and study music; essay; letter of recommendation.

Scholarship Name: Joshua D. Schoon Memorial Scholarship
Amount: $1250

Criteria: Must plan to attend an accredited four-year college or university; significant involvement in extracurricular activities at Fenton; leadership; essay; letters of recommendation. 

Scholarship Name: Miller Family Scholarship for the Sciences
Amount: $1000;  several available

Criteria: The students who receive this scholarship must be graduating seniors who intend to further their study at the college level in chemistry, physics, or biology science disciplines. The students chosen will have a 3.0 or above grade point average and must demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship Name: Fenton Music Booster Scholarship
Amount: $500; up to 4 available

Criteria: Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA; must plan to attend a two- or four-year college or technical school; must have participated in the music program at FHS for at least two years; parent participation points; essay.

Scholarship Name: Russell B. Dahl Love for Laces Scholarship
Amount: $1000

Criteria: Must have participated in boys track or boys cross country for at least two years, including senior year; essay. 

Scholarship Name: Wood Dale Lions Club Scholarship
Amount: $750; 2 available

Criteria: Must be a resident of Wood Dale; must plan to enroll in an accredited community college or four-year institution on a full-time basis with the intent to complete requirements for a degree; must demonstrate participation in school activities and community service/volunteerism; financial need.

Scholarship Name: FHS Students for Students Scholarship
Amount: $500; 1 available

Criteria: Minimum 3.0 GPA first semester of senior year; extracurricular involvement; community service; essay.