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Graduation Requirements

Please consult our latest course catalog to see available classes in each area. All course catalogs can be found on our Curriculum webpage.

Community Service: Students must complete 25 hours of community service.

FAFSA: Seniors must complete the FAFSA ( or the FAFSA opt-out form.

Forty-five credits are necessary for graduation. One unit of credit is given for the successful completion of a semester’s work. PLEASE NOTE: If a student repeats a course for which he/she has already received credit, no additional credit will be issued. In addition to the credit requirement, the following classes must be successfully completed in order to graduate:

Classroom Driver’s Education: One semester; offered sophomore year.

Consumer Education: One semester.

English: Eight semesters.

Fine and Applied Arts: Two semesters, to be chosen from applied technology, art, business education, foreign language, family and consumer sciences, music, or theater.

Mathematics: Six semesters.

Physical Education: Eight semesters, one of which is Health and one of which is Driver Education.

Science: Four semesters.

Social Studies: Six semesters.


Please note: While these requirements are sufficient for a student to graduate from Fenton, they may not meet college entrance requirements. Students who intend to attend college should check the admission requirements of the colleges or universities in which they are interested.