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Student and Parent Technology Resources

Welcome to the Student and Parent Technology page where you will find information related to technologies used by students and families at Fenton High School District 100.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, students can contact the Fenton Chromezone at Parents and other community members can submit their questions or concerns to

1:1 at Fenton

All Fenton students are provided a Chromebook for their use as long as they are a student at Fenton High School. These Chromebooks are distributed when the student arrives as a 9th grade, incoming student, or if they are transferred from another school. In addition, all incoming 9th graders are provided a Texas Instrument TI35x calculator for their use while they are a Fenton student.

Fenton has maintained a 1 to 1 program for many years, providing access to technologies that support and enhance the student’s education. Research shows that these individual student devices help facilitate personalized learning, enhance student engagement, improved monitory of student progress, increased career readiness and enhanced communications.

Technology How-to Videos

Please visit this page for a series of videos created to help students, parents and guardians learn about the tools available to communicate with Fenton and monitor and track student progress.

Visit our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for additional information 

Equity and Technology

Equity is an important part of Fenton High School District 100 and is included in every technology decision we make.  

Chromebooks – Every student is provided a durable, state of the art Chromebook to use for the entire time they are a student. We have gone to great lengths to eliminate any cost associated with these Chromebooks through enhanced warranty coverage, eliminating repair fees, etc.

Calculators – Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, each incoming 9th grade student is provided a Texas Instrument TI30X calculator for their use while they are a Fenton student.

Internet at home – Fenton continued to assist with access to internet in student’s homes through various programs from Comcast, AT&T as well as grant funded opportunities.

Wifi Hot Spots – For families and students who do not have access to internet when they are away from school, Fenton High School District 100 provides Wifi Hot Spots, free of charge.

Student Data Privacy and Safety

Fenton High School District 100 takes the privacy of our student's data seriously. Please visit our Fenton Student Data Privacy Page for additional information on student data privacy and safety as well as other information related to the new requirement for the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) which into effect July 1, 2021.

Fenton's list of approved applications is HERE