Watch Fenton's Winter Play 2020: 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens

Watch Fenton's Winter Play 2020: 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens
Posted on 12/18/2020

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The Theater Department’s winter play is a production of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Live performances are not possible because of the pandemic, but students shifted to a radio theater format with accompanying storyboards from the stage crew.

The show is on YouTube and can be enjoyed by clicking play on the video above. Don't forget you can enter full screen mode by click on the square in the bottom right corner. 

Additionally, please read the director’s note below:

It has been suggested that Charles Dickens helped to create our idea of Christmas over 170 years ago with his story, A Christmas Carol. In researching this, it seems to me that this was never his primary aim. What Charles Dickens was trying to do was to shine a light on the various social injustices and wealth disparity that plagued Victorian society in the hope that the people from his day would make choices that would help to benefit their neighbors.

Dickens created a character, Ebenezer Scrooge, whose heart is as cold as a winter’s night only to be transformed into the spirit of Christmas itself once shown that compassion and human connection is what ultimately matters and makes one truly happy in this world.

Our society is not that different from his and this year has made that ever so clear.

Human connection. That is what keeps going through my mind as I sit and reflect on this past year. The birthdays, weddings, and other gatherings we have all missed out on this past year. I hope to never again take that for granted: our need to be with one another.

While Scrooge suffered one horrific night to make him realize his shortcomings, our own “long winter’s night” has lasted over 9 months, but this too shall pass. May we all realize our own shortcomings and transform for the better and never take another moment of human connection for granted.

-- Dr. Mike Mitchell

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