A message about vaping and e-cigarettes

A message about vaping and e-cigarettes
Posted on 09/04/2019
Dear students and parents,

The use of vaping devices and e-cigarettes are a real danger, and many states throughout the country are taking steps to address this growing issue. We can't stress enough, students need to avoid these products.

In August the Illinois Department of Public Health announced it was investigating a growing number of serious respiratory and lung illnesses among teenagers who use vaping devices.

Fenton High School is committed to delivering high-quality educational programming, but we also want our students and community to be healthy. We are vigilantly monitoring our campus and addressing issues of underage smoking when they arise. Teachers and staff are more closely watching for signs of smoking and devices that could be used for smoking.

We encourage parents to do the same. These devices come in many shapes and sizes. They often look like pens or USB thumb drives, and the smoke does not smell like traditional cigarette smoke.

Vaping USBThere are many misconceptions about vaping and e-cigarettes. While some products do not have tobacco, the Illinois Department of Public Health reports that most have liquid nicotine and other harmful particles.

A few days ago, Michigan became the first state to ban flavoring for e-cigarette and vaping devices. Michigan officials said vaping has become a public health emergency, and the flavors were a leading factor in children becoming addicted to nicotine.

Earlier this year Illinois raised the age for buying traditional cigarettes to 21 years old, and in the same measure added e-cigarettes and vaping devices into the regulation. Students should not be in possession of these items and we strongly urge students to avoid the health risks associated with underage smoking.

We hope parents will join the Fenton staff and legislators throughout the country in working toward keeping kids away from these dangerous products. Please have a talk with your children and keep a watchful eye, just as we are here at Fenton.

-- James Ongtengco, Superintendent
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