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Construction Information

Construction Equipment sits in the Fenton stadium
Dated June 2024
Dear Fenton Community,
On May 22 we had the extreme honor of celebrating the start of construction for our new STEM Wing. This exciting investment is a major asset to our entire Bensenville and Wood Dale community.
Representatives from multiple taxing bodies joined us to celebrate the occasion.
STEM Wing May 2024 Groundbreaking


We want to explain what’s in store for all of us during construction and remind everyone of the improved learning spaces we will receive as a result.

The STEM Wing

This new STEM Wing will feature 12 state of the art science and technology classrooms that will empower our teachers to expand their curriculum and take their students’ imagination to new heights, inspiring countless students for decades to come.
STEM wing rendering January 2024


We are building this new learning space in a triangle piece of land behind our auditorium and next to our current two-story wing. Both the first and second floors of the new STEM Wing will connect to our existing 400 and 1200 hallways to create easy access and continuation of the hallway loops.
The new wing will also include a multi-purpose learning stairwell in the central atrium space. That area not only allows students to get from class to class, but will also serve as a unique learning space in itself. It can host class activities, special events, and it will include areas for independent learning.
This is a rendering of the main atrium and study area in Fenton's proposed STEM addition.
Some of the less glamorous but still vital upgrades include improved ADA accessibility, a vastly improved elevator, and more restrooms. 
As School Board President Cary Lewis said at the Groundbreaking event: Every student at Fenton High School will have science classes in this building, which also means every child in every neighborhood of Bensenville and Wood Dale will one day walk through this building and have the opportunity to be empowered.



Construction Begins

Last week’s ceremony also marked the beginning of construction and new fences have now been installed to keep the area safe and secure. This is important because we WILL have access to our newly renovated stadium for PE classes and after school activities, including this summer.
Please reference the map below to see the approved walking paths for getting to and from the stadium, the surrounding practice fields, the softball field, and the baseball fields.
2024 STEM Pedestrian Access Map


The back parking lot next to our stadium, just like this year, remains closed to the public and will continue to be used primarily for construction. Most PE classes and extracurricular activities will use crosswalks near our softball field, at the far east end of the fieldhouse.
Math and science classrooms in our 400 and 1200 hallways might look a little different next year, but all rooms except one will be in use. Construction should have limited impact on our classes. 
A new dedicated water line for sprinklers in the STEM Wing is being installed in the ceiling of the 200 hallway this summer. Students who have summer school classes or who participate in summer activities will be directed away from that work.
I want to assure everyone that all student programs, academic and extracurricular, will continue during construction. Nothing is being canceled.
As with any construction project, there might be inconveniences along the way, but in the end our school will be in a much better place.
We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see Bison Nation in August.
Sam Bentsen, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent
Associate Superintendent/Principal




Dated January 2024
After months of collaboration and exploration, conceptual plans for the $32 million STEM wing continue to evolve. The project is still expected to break ground Summer 2024 with an anticipated completion of Fall 2025. 
The proposed new building would connect to Fenton's existing 2-story wing (400 and 1200 hallways) on one side and into the 200 hallway (near the auditorium) on the other side. A large multipurpose stairwell will also connect the two stories from the interior atrium. 
This is a rendering of the main atrium and study area in Fenton's proposed STEM addition.
The renderings below were created after much discussion on curriculum, tours of other schools, and reviews of modern equipment. Though not final, these are the latest considerations for student learning spaces.
Rendering of our STEM Inspirational Corridor
Rendering of another STEM Classroom
Rendering of a STEM Classroom




Dated December 2023
As temperatures drop, construction will pause for the winter. All blocked off areas are still restricted. Students, staff, and residents should continue to respect the construction zones, as equipment and materials are still be stored on the property and could pose a safety risk -- especially if snow reduces visibility.
The stadium is still expected to be completed and open for student programming by Spring 2024.

Dated June 2023

As we move into our summer mindset and prepare for our summer activities, we want to remind everyone that construction at Fenton High School will begin in June.
This vital work to our 1950’s facilities is long overdue and we are excited to get started! 
As you recall from our previous communications, this project aims to alleviate stormwater accumulation around our building. A new underground water storage tank will be installed next to the stadium, with new draining piping being placed underground in various locations behind the building.
Part of this process involves a need to change some of our daily operations to accommodate the construction. We greatly appreciate your patience during this process.
Please reference the map below as you continue reading.
Fenton Storm Water Construction Logistics 2023-2024
In simplest terms, the back parking lot and all fields behind Fenton High School will be off limits from June until at least February 2024.
The red lines on the map indicate where fencing will be placed to keep cars and pedestrians away from the work site. The green line represents temporary fencing for a shorter portion of the project later in the summer. Please do not attempt to cross these fences.
Recreational walking and unofficial pick-up games will not be possible on any of our fields or sidewalks behind the building.
With that being said, we want to make sure it’s clear that all student programs, academic and extracurricular, will continue during construction. Nothing is being canceled.
We have made arrangements for some of our athletic programs to use local parks for practice, and all home football games will occur at Triton College.
As with any construction project, there will be frustrations and inconveniences along the way, but in the end our school will be in a much better place. 
Students Review Turf and Track Options


Students Review Turf and Track Options


A byproduct of installing this new drainage system will be a new artificial turf field and running track inside the stadium. Our students were excited to help pick out the design.
If you have any questions, please send an email to