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Fenton Utilizes E-Learning Day for Tuesday 1/23/2024

Fenton Utilizes E-Learning Day for Tuesday 1/23/2024
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Due to inclement weather, Fenton will utilize an E-Learning Day on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. While staying at home, students are expected to log into the Google Meets video conferences provided by their teachers. A copy of the E-Learning schedule is listed below.
All extracurricular activities are canceled until further notice. 

Thank you.
-- James Ongtengco, Superintendent

2023-2024 E-Learning Student Procedures


In the event an E-Learning Day is utilized during the 2023-2024 school year, the following procedures will be in effect:

  1. Students will follow the regular bell schedule for the day while learning from home.
    Fenton 2021-2022 E-Learning Bell Schedule

  2. Students are expected to begin virtual instruction at the time of the bell for each period. Students should log-in to the Google Classroom for the appropriate class period and join their teacher and classmates in virtual instruction by using the Google Meet link located in the upper left hand corner of the page. Students are expected to participate in all virtual learning activities and complete any work as assigned. Teachers will be available to help and assist students virtually throughout the entire class period.

  3. Attendance will be taken for each class.

  4. Bison Time: Students are expected to check in to Bison Time if an E-Learning day occurs Tuesday - Friday. Teachers will take attendance for Bison Time. Bison Time will be an opportunity to make school-wide announcements to the students. If no announcements are necessary, students will be dismissed from Bison Time after check-in.