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Final Exams Schedule Spring 2024

Final Exams Schedule Spring 2024
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Below is a schedule for Fenton’s Semester 2 Final Exams. Each teacher has their own expectations for their class. Students should make sure they fully understand their teachers’ instructions.


Breakfast & Lunch
Breakfast will be available for students upon arrival.  Grab and Go Lunch will be available as students depart.
Tutoring & Academic Support
Tutoring, academic support, or a quiet place to study will be available during testing hours in the ARC.  
Final Exam Exemptions
Students will be notified if they are exempt from the final exam period by their teacher by Friday, May 17th.  If a student is exempt from the final exam for one of their classes, they do not have to report to school for that period. Parents or guardians DO NOT have to call in to excuse their student if they were exempt from the final. 
All students who are in Study Hall will be exempt from the Study Hall exam period.
Calendario de finales del segundo semestre 2023-2024