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Government Transparency

Fenton Community High School District 100 strives to be responsive to residents' concerns and operate in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner. Government transparency, or the ability to access information and documents, is a priority.

While much of the information below is located in other areas of the website, this page consolidates a variety of key information all in one place.


Elected Officials and Administration

Board Members


Meeting Information

Detailed monthly meeting backup documents can be found at

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Approved Budget

Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report

Bids and Requests for Proposal

Current Bids and RFPs


Contracts Greater than $25,000


Salary Charts

Administrator/Teacher Salary & Benefits Report

Each school board shall report to the State Board of Education the base salary and benefits paid to the District Superintendent, all administrators and teachers employed by the school district.  Benefits include without limitation vacation days, sick days, bonuses, annuities and retirement enhancements.  This information must be presented at a regular school board meeting and then posted on the Internet website of the school district.

IMRF Salary Chart

Fenton HSD 100 is required to post the total compensation package for each IMRF employee earning more than $75,000 per year on the employer’s website.

Labor Contracts

Public employees are allowed to organize into groups or unions based on their employment rights under Illinois State Statute. Fenton District 100 is engaged in three union agreements. The purpose of the agreements is to achieve and maintain harmonious relations between Employer and the Union, to establish proper wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment, and to provide for the equitable and peaceful adjustments of differences which may arise between parties. Links to all current union contracts can be found below: