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The World Language Department invites you to explore information about our department's philosophy, department news, and the foreign language and ESL / Bilingual courses offered at Fenton. You can also find links to the foreign language teachers with contact information, and the courses he/she teaches.  Please contact Judy Bosen, the department chairperson, with any questions at 630-860-4927 or



Department Members

Department Members
Kyra Behnke   French 1 - AP
Jon Aguilar   Spanish 1 - 2
Candice DeMauro   Spanish for Native Speakers
Annette Valente   AP Spanish, Spanish for Native Speakers
Gina Vera   Spanish 1 - 2
Aida Zubovic   Spanish 1 for Native Speakers
Lisa Hennessy   Spanish 3
Aida Zubovic   German 1, 2, 3, AP
English as a Second Language
Michelle Bennett   ESL 2
Judy Bosen   ESL 1
Michelle Rodriguez   ESL 2, 3, 4, ESL Health, 
Pamela Panagakos-Columbus   ESL 3, ESL Biology, ESL Physical Science
Natalie Wendling    ESL/Bilingual 
Bilingual/Sheltered English Content
Candice DeMauro   Intro to Social Sciences
Lisa Hennessy   Bilingual / ESL Algebra & Geometry
Cindy Galecki   Bilingual Classroom Aide

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