Special Education


Fenton Community High School District 100 maintains a comprehensive program of special education services which provide a free and appropriate education to children, ages 14 to 21, who have exceptional needs and are residents of District 100. The district provides a continuum of services for children with mild to severe handicaps. To the extent possible, students are educated in the mainstream of the school community. The placement of a special education student is determined at the student’s educational determination conference when the special needs of the particular student are identified. Fenton High School offers a variety of special education programs to meet the needs of students. Resource and selfcontained programs are available for individual students who have academic and/or behavioral concerns that cannot be met in the general education classroom. Students can receive a variety of services within the program they need. The goals of the special education programs are as follows:

1. Inclusion and/or integration in as many regular education classes as can be successfully completed.

2. Continue to develop appropriate social skills.

3. Foster better communication between students, regular education teachers, parents, and special education teachers.

4. Provide resource assistance for general education.

5. Increase academic skills.

6. Provide instruction in specific subject areas.

Special Education Staff
Special Education Office                                

Mrs. Sara DiGrazia, Special Education Department Chair - ext. 4924

Mrs. Julia Bray—ext.8514                             

Mrs. Chris Casterton-ext.4790                      

Ms. Jessica Collins 

Ms. Melissa Eshleman—ext.6268                 

Ms. Sue Gaska—ext.6268                                            

Mr. Ron Janik—ext.4810                                           

Ms. Kim Lechner

Mrs. Jen Llanes—ext.4810                                

Mr. Scott Murphy—ext. 8519                        

Mrs. Donna O’Dea—ext.6268                                     

Mr. Josh Payton—ext.4810                             

Ms. Peggy Mellenthin - ext. 4921

Ms. Jen Selucky—ext.6268                           

Ms. Alli Weegar—ext.4810