Emergency Closing/Late Start Information

In the event of an extreme weather emergency, Fenton families will be notified through the School Messenger alert phone system if the Late Start Plan or the cancelation of school will occur. This information will also be posted to the Fenton website, Facebook page, Twitter and communicated to the following radio and news outlets: 

CBS Channel 2 WFLD Channel 32
WGN Channel 9 WBBM-780 AM
WGN-720 AM ABC Channel 7
WMAQ Channel 5 CLTV-News

Emergency Closing information is posted to the following website:

  1. Go to www.emergencyclosings.com and search for Fenton High School.
  2. Call (847) 238-1234 from a touch-tone phone and enter Fenton’s main phone number (630) 766-2500.
  3. Receive an email notification by signing up at www.emergencyclosings.com.

Late Start Plan
The Late Start Plan allows for roads to be cleared making it easier to travel. On Late Start days, school  will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 3:07 p.m. All bus pick-up times will be exactly two hours later. If the Late Start Plan is implemented on a Thursday, normally a 2:07 p.m. dismissal day, school will be dismissed at 3:07 p.m. to allow for as much time in class as possible. Zero hour classes will not be held on Late Start days. As always with inclement weather, parents reserve the right to excuse their child from school.

On Late Start days, the school building will open at 7:00 a.m. with supervision, should students need to be dropped off early.

Other important details of Late Start Plan include:

  • The cafeteria will be open and lunches will be available.
  • FACT will not be in session and FACT students are expected to work from home.
  • Due to the modified schedule, only PM TCD students will attend TCD.
  • If Partners for Success is in session, transportation will be provided.
  • Administration will determine if after school activities and sports will be held based on weather and safety conditions.
  • No morning detentions will be held. Administration will determine if afternoon detentions will be held based on weather and safety conditions.

All classes will meet according to the schedule below: 

Late Start Plan
Period Time  
0   No zero hour classes
1 10:00 - 10:35 am  
2 10:40 - 11:15 am  
3 11:20 - 11:55 am  
4 12:00 -  12:35 pm  
5 12:40 - 1:15 pm  
6 1:20 - 1:55 pm   
7 2:00 - 2:35 pm  
7 2:00 - 2:35 pm  
8 2:40 - 3:15 pm