Board of Education


Fenton Community High School District 100 cordially invites all community members to attend meetings of the Board of Education. Regular meetings are held on the third or fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Fenton High School Board Room (2015-2016 Schedule). Call or e-mail Sandy Hawbaker at 630-860-6258 or for more information. All Regular, Special and Committee Board of Education Meetings are open to the public with the exception of closed sessions, which are conducted to discuss matters such as personnel, collective bargaining matters, student discipline, pending or probable litigation and the sale or lease of property. All Board action takes place in open session. Notice of all meetings and agendas is posted on the website, at the Business and Main Offices, and provided to the local media.


Powers and duties of the School Board generally include:

  • Developing and adopting School Board policies (subject to collective bargaining agreements and State/federal law);
  • Approving personnel;
  • Directing, through policy, the Superintendent in her charge of the District’s administration;
  • Approving the annual budget, tax levies, major expenditures, payment of obligations, annual audit, and other aspects of the District’s financial operation;
  • Entering contracts using the public bidding procedure when required;
  • Providing and maintaining adequate physical facilities;
  • Approving curriculum, textbooks and educational services;
  • Evaluating the educational program and approving School/District Improvement Plans;
  • Establishing and supporting student discipline policies; and
  • Establishing the school year.

The District seeks to enhance its communication with members of the school community. Accordingly, a portion of each regular school board meeting is designated on the meeting agenda (Delegations) to recognize visitors and provide them an opportunity to address the Board, subject to reasonable constraints. Community members who wish to officially address the Board on a specific topic are requested to follow these guidelines*: Submit a written request to the Clerk of the School Board ( at least three days prior to the meeting; inform the Clerk of the School Board or Superintendent of your presence at the meeting; and limit comments to three minutes.
* This represents only a partial listing of the guidelines. All guidelines are subject to change at the direction of the Board President.