Bison Boosters

Fenton Bison Athletic Boosters
Did you know that the Bison Athletic Boosters is like the PTO for all sports teams at Fenton?  The Bison Boosters are supported 100% by volunteers.  We raise money by opening the concession stand at sporting events. ALL profits earned from the concession stand go back to the students; either in the form of senior scholarships or coach Wish List requests.

Why volunteer?? It’s fun - a great way to meet other parents - to help support your child’s sport – to help to keep the concession stand open - a “special surprise” to our volunteers (first come, first serve) and NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

Bison Athletic Boosters Monthly Meetings: Bison Boosters meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Faculty Cafeteria.  The remaining meetings for 2015 are:
April 15, 2015 
May 6, 2015

Nadine Ames -
Todd Becker, FHS Athletic Director - (630) 860-6262  Email:

Attention all parents: The Bison Boosters have created an email account to provide information on upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. Simply send your email address to: and you will be added to a mailing list for upcoming information.

Concession Stand Volunteers

Students can also volunteer during the above events and receive community service hours. To sign-up, please visit the Community Service Volunteer Board outside Room 2 or contact, Teri Wood, Director of Community Relations and Community Service, at 630-860-8621/

Bison Boosters Bylaws 

Please click to read the Bison Booster Bylaws.

Bison Athletic Booster Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2014 Athletic Booster Scholarship recipients: Victoria Depa, Valentina Guarino, Taylor Patton, Alec Wasowicz and Daniel Wiggin

Amount: Up to $1000; several available
Due Date:  TBA 

Bison Athletic Scholarship Link

Description: The Bison Athletic Scholarship provides financial aid for students interested in pursuing further educational opportunities at an accredited community college, accredited technical school or four year institution. 

Value:  Up to $1,000.00 for tuition.  A minimum of one scholarship will be awarded to a senior girl and one scholarship will be awarded to a senior boy. 

Eligibility:   Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited community, accredited technical, or four-year institution on a full time basis with the intent to complete requirements for a degree. 

A parent or guardian must have worked at least three events in the concession stand each year per student athlete (example: three times freshman year, three times sophomore year, three times junior year and three times senior year. A total of twelve events must be satisfied by April of the student's senior year). 

BASIS OF AWARD:  A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and regular participation in athletic activities.