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Social Studies



The Social Studies and Sciences are concerned with human relationships.  The courses in the Social Studies Department are derived from the disciplines of history, geography, anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.  The department strives to provide each student with a meaningful orientation to their social environment and provide an understanding of citizenship and civic responsibility in the community.  All courses in the department provide the opportunity for each student to achieve at an optimal level. 
Please contact Kate Ward, the Division Leader, with any questions -  

Faculty Members

Rachel Gentile -

Brian Hastings -

Frank Kekstadt -

Mark Kos -

Kelly Mullins -

George Mussman -

Ranjana Rajendran -

Irving Rodriguez -

Kelly Torres -

Andrea Taylor -



Students meet with counselors and select courses every December and/or January for study the following year. To see the complete list of courses being offered in the Social Studies Department, please click here to visit our Curriculum webpage and browse the course catalog. The Table of Contents is on page 3.