The study of science has been a fundamental activity of humans since they first took notice of the world around them. The science department, through its various course offerings, attempts to instill in each student a corresponding inquisitive nature. The staff communicates the facts relating to each specific area. Furthermore, they illustrate how those facts relate to situations surrounding the student at the present time and in their future endeavors. Those goals are achieved by familiarizing students with the “scientific method” and helping them to use the principles of scientific reasoning. In conjunction with the use of experimentation and the Scientific Method, the Science Department at Fenton High School realizes the importance of guided and unguided practice while in the pursuit of knowledge. In this light, the teachers of Science give homework on a regular basis as a part of the learning process. Students who fail to complete these homework assignments are not reaching their maximum potential and will be strongly encouraged to complete each assignment in a timely fashion.

Requirements and Recommendations:

Two (2) years of Science are required for graduation from Fenton High School. The first year in the science progression must consist of a Biological Science course. This course will be Biology, Accelerated Biology, or Applied Biology. The second year in the science progression must consist of a Physical Science course. This course will be Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, or Applied Physical Science. Placement in all courses will be under the guidance of the division leader and determined by high school placement testing, counselor direction, teacher recommendation, and student need.

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