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Driver Education

Driver Education at Fenton High School

Driver education at Fenton High School is open to all students who reside in the school district and who meet the requirements set forth by the State of Illinois. To participate in driver education, students must be 15 years old and have passed eight of their classes in the previous two semesters.

Classroom Instruction
Driver education classroom is taken during the Sophomore year with a minimum of thirty classroom instruction hours required by law. Students enrolled in driver education classroom will take their required physical education course in the opposite semester. Enrollment order for driver education is determined by student birthdate, and there are no fees to take driver education classroom instruction during the school year.

Specific topics and units covered in the classroom portion of driver education include:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Proper actions to take during a traffic stop
  • Appropriate interactions with law enforcement

Behind-the-wheel (BTW) is offered at Fenton High School and takes place after school and on weekends. Students must complete six hours of driving and six hours of observation with a licensed BTW instructor, and BTW has a lab fee of $200. In addition, students must complete fifty hours of driving time with parents/guardians (please see link below for the State of Illinois Driving Log).

To sign-up for BTW, please complete the information at this link (PLEASE NOTE: this form can only be completed by a student from the student’s Fenton login):

If you are requesting a waiver of the driver education lab fee, or have questions regarding waiver of school fees, please contact Julia Bray, Assistant Principal, at The driver education fee shall be waived with respect to any student who applies pursuant to this subsection and who is eligible for free lunches or breakfasts pursuant to the School Breakfast and Lunch Program Act [105 ILCS 125] and 23 Ill. Adm. Code 305 (School Food Service), and with respect to other students in accordance with the district's policy adopted in accordance with 23 Ill. Adm. Code 1.245 (Waiver of School Fees).

Specific Topics/Units covered in Behind-the-Wheel include:

  • Starts, Stops, and Turns
  • Backing and Turnabouts
  • Multi-Lane Roadways
  • City Driving and Maneuvers
  • Higher Speed Roadways
  • Limited Access Roadways
  • Driving in Adverse Conditions

Informational Links

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