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Physical Education and Driver Education


The physical education program of Fenton High School is based on the belief that the individual is a unity of mind and body. The mission of the physical education department is to improve physical fitness, develop an awareness of the various aspects of fitness, teach physical skills, develop a knowledge of game rules and strategies, reduce tension and stress, develop social values, and contribute to a wiser use of leisure time. In total, this should lead to a longer and happier life for the student.

Requirements & Recommendations:
The physical education program at Fenton High School includes two phases. The first phase consists of one required semester for freshmen and two required semesters for sophomores. Included in one of the two semesters for sophomores will be the nine-week classroom portion of Driver’s Education. Phase two is advanced physical education for juniors and seniors. Advanced physical education is designed to offer the juniors and seniors their choice of activities for the remaining four semesters. They may select from Team Sports, Fitness and Nutrition, Individual Sports, Strength and Conditioning, Aerobics, Adventure Education, and Advanced Weight Training

Driver Education:

Driver Education is included in the Physical Education Department. To learn more or to sign up for Behind the Wheel, click here and visit the Driver Education webpage.


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