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The Mathematics Department provides for the mathematical needs of students with various degrees of ability, mathematical training, interest and initiative by offering a wide range of courses in which emphasis is placed on understanding, insights, and problem-solving, as well as on computational skills. The Mathematics Department believes that the beginning through advanced work in mathematics available at Fenton High School will contribute to the development of the students to their potential, and thus give them the necessary mathematical skills and concepts that will enable them to be competitive regardless of their future endeavors.
Please contact Kelly Kasmar, the Division Leader, with any questions -

Faculty Members

Ty Acosta -

Brandon Brzuszkiewicz -

David Carroll -

Gibel Cushing -

Mallory Healy -

Patrick Fritsch -

Janet Hahn Kanavos -

Kristine Larson -

Linda Santinello -

Matthew Sedey -

Stephanie Stern -



Students meet with counselors and select courses every December and/or January for study the following year. To see the complete list of courses being offered in the Math Department, please click here to visit our Curriculum webpage and browse the course catalog. The Table of Contents is on page 3.