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Business Education



The Business Education Department offers students the opportunity to apply their academic learning to everyday living through diverse courses that are rigorous, relevant, and authentic.  Students will enhance their ability to see connections between what is learned and the relevance of that learning.  Whether college-bound or ready to enter the workforce, our students will be prepared and equipped with the ability to transfer their business/computer literacy to all areas of our global community.  Students will become engaged learners as well as productive members of society in the future.  As a result of their learning, students will have the opportunity to be responsible and independent adults ready for wherever their post-high school journey leads them.
Please contact Michelle Papanicolaou, the Division Leader, with any questions -

Faculty Members

Luis Garcia -

Anthony Lurigio -



Students meet with counselors and select courses every December and/or January for study the following year. To see the complete list of courses being offered in the Business Education Department, please click here to visit our Curriculum webpage and browse the course catalog. The Table of Contents is on page 3.