World Language Department

Bienvenidos!  Bienvenue!  Willkommen!  The World Language Department invites you to explore information about our department's philosophy, department news, and the foreign language and ESL / Bilingual courses offered at Fenton.  You can also find links to the foreign language teachers with contact information, and the courses he/she teaches.  Please contact Judy Bosen, the department chairperson, with any questions at 630-860-4927 or

World Language Summer Reviews & ESL Summer Reading!  

Do you need your world language summer review or your ESL summer reading?  Click the course name on the Departrment Philosophy and Courses page to get another copy of the review.  Click on the course you will be in next year.

Department Members

Pictured:  Front row:  Judy Bosen, Pamela Panagakos-Columbus, Barbara Goldberg
Middle row:  Lisa Hennessy, Lisa Keiler, Candice DeMauro, Michelle Rodriguez
Back row:  Aida Zubovic, Michelle Bennett, Gina Vera,  Not pictured: Annette Valente

All personnel listed here can be reached at 630-860-4927

Department Members
Judy Bosen Department Chairperson  
Michelle Bennett ESL Coordinator ESL/Bilingual French
Barbara Loeb   French 1 - AP
Jon Aguilar   Spanish 1-2
Candice DeMauro   Spanish for Native Speakers
Annette Valente   AP Spanish, Spanish for Native Speaker
Gina Vera   Spanish 2
Aida Zubovic   Spanish 1
Lisa Hennessy   Spanish 3
Aida Zubovic   German 1, 2, 3, AP
English as a Second Language
Michelle Bennett   ESL 1-2
Judy Bosen   ESL Transitions
Michelle Rodriguez   ESL Transitions, ESL Health
Pamela Panagakos-Columbus   ESL 3, ESL Biology, ESL Physical Sciences
Bilingual/Sheltered English Content
Candice DeMauro   Intro to Social Sciences
Lisa Hennessy   Bilingual / ESL Algebra & Geometry
Lisa Keiler   Bilingual Classroom Aide