Health Office

The Health Center is available to students who have health problems and need assistance.

School Health Services will assist in any way possible after a student has been absent due to illness or injury. Special passes can be given to students who need extra time during passing periods to make it to their next class. Other accommodations can be made to help a student stay in school.

Physicals & Immunizations:
All students entering District 100, including freshmen, students transferring in from out of state or from out of the country should have a completed physical and up to date immunizations by July 2, 2013.  Students who do not have the physical examination or up to date immunizations will be excluded from school as required by law.  ALL physicals MUST be completed on the most recent Illinois State physical form and dated within one year prior to the first day of school.  Copies of the physical form can be found on the district website under student services/health office.  PLEASE MAIL PHYSICALS & IMMUNIZATIONS TO FENTON HIGH SCHOOL, ATTN: HEALTH OFFICE OR DROP OFF AT THE MAIN OFFICE NO LATER THAN JULY 2, 2013.

 Please note SPORTS PHYSICALS DO NOT QUALIFY AS A COMPLETED PHYSICAL, however, a completed physical may be used in place of a sports physical.

A School Medication Authorization Form, signed by a physician and parent is required for administration of ALL medication received at school.  This includes over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Motrin and Advil. 

Health Concerns:
If your child has a history of any chronic illness such as diabetes, seizures, allergies, asthma or other health concerns please notify the health office at 630-860-4941.

Vision and Hearing Screening:
Vision and hearing screening are required annually for all students in special education, new to the district or who have been referred by their teacher. Vision screening is not a substitute for a complete eye and vision evaluation by an eye doctor. Vision screening performed by the doctor’s office as part of the school physical does not fulfill the mandate. If there is documentation in the student’s file of an eye examination having been done by an optometrist or ophthalmologist within the last 12 months, the student does not have to be screened. If you have any questions regarding vision and hearing screenings, please don’t hesitate to contact the health office.


Jill Wisnewski, R.N., M. Ed., ILCSN – Certified School Nurse- 630-860-4942

Ida Claytor, – Health Assistant