The study of English encompasses all areas of communication - reading, writing, speaking, listening - as well as the various literary genre - the short story, the novel, poetry, and drama. The Fenton High School English program balances essential skill practice with interpretive analysis in order to provide the individual student with the understanding of language, literature, and media necessary to think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively. While it is the teacher’s role to motivate the student and to stimulate learning, it is the student’s responsibility to participate actively and to work willingly in order to develop his or her potential. Thus, the refinement of essential communication skills depends upon commitment on the part of both the student and the teacher. In every class, the student is involved in self-awareness and critical thinking as he or she reads, writes, listens, and synthesizes concepts.

Requirements and Recommendation:

Eight (8) semesters, eight credits, are required of all students. All students must satisfactorily complete English I A & B, English II Oral Communication, English II Written Communication, and English III or American Heritage. Freshmen identified as having a need for reading improvement are required to take EDGE English I or Reading Strategies, as directed by the Reading Coordinator. English II Plus may be required for students needing further reading and writing instruction. The remainder of the English requirement may be fulfilled by selecting from a variety of elective courses, depending upon individual needs and abilities. The following advanced courses provide advantageous background for college level literary analysis and critical writing: British Literature, Twentieth Century Literature, Advanced Placement American Writers and Advanced Placement Seminar in English. Beginning with the class of 2010, students must successfully complete two (2) writing intensive courses in order to graduate. These requirements are met through required course work in English, including all levels of English I, Written Communication, English II Plus, and all levels of English III. In the summer of 2008, the Fenton High School English department implemented a summer reading program. Beginning with the class of 2012, all students will be required to participate in the program. Further information will be forthcoming.


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