School Funding Reform Act of 2014

The Effect of Senate Bill 16 (SB16) on Fenton Community High School District 100
If SB16 passes, the School Funding Reform Act of 2014 will cut Fenton Community High School District 100 state funding by $1,174,292 which is 82% of Fenton’s state funding. SB16 passed the Illinois Senate in May and is currently awaiting approval in the House of Representatives. The final vote is expected to take place in November or during the January 2015 lame duck session.

What is SB16?
The current state funding system has been in place since 1977. Last spring, the Illinois Senate Education Funding Advisory Committee, comprised of state legislators, was charged with revamping the funding system. The result was the creation of SB16 in an effort to improve the distribution of educational funds to Illinois school districts.

The impact of SB16 on school districts:
If enacted into law as it is currently written, SB16 will drastically change how the state funds education. All state funding, with few exceptions would be combined under one funding formula. As a result, school districts with higher assessed property values will receive less state funding and districts with lower assessed property taxes will receive more in state funding. There is no additional money allocated; instead the current funding level is redistributed among Illinois school districts in an attempt to provide greater equity among school districts across the state. In essence, this is a rearrangement of funding that would devastate about half of the school districts in Illinois.

Quality of Education for All
While it is important to understand the need for all schools to be funded, reducing funding for some to increase funding for other districts should not be the solution.

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